scrollkeeper categories will put new users off the documentation

Dear doc-lists,

I just noticed a new category has come into Yelp: GNU Info files.

While I applaud the fact that more information is available from Yelp,
it now means that there are two categories on the front page of our
GNOME help browser which new users will not understand in any way, shape
or form: Man pages, and GNU Info files.

This will cause users simply to close the help browser, I'm afraid.

Where did discussion take place about this change? I'm subscribed to
both these lists but didn't see it. If this isn't the correct forum,
where can I direct a brief tirade?

I would suggest that an alternative solution needs to be found, perhaps
placing the Man pages and GNU Info files on a lower level page (Other
Documentation?) would be a possibility?

mdke ubuntu com
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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