Re: scrollkeeper categories will put new users off the documentation

Hi again

On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 11:56 +0000, Matthew East wrote:
> So, just to get this clear: are there technical reasons that prevent the
> Manual Pages and Info pages from being relegated to a secondary page? If
> so, the discussion will have to end here until those are overcome.
> My solution would be to include Manual Pages and Info pages in "Other
> Documentation" or "Advanced Documentation" on a secondary page. That
> way, everybody wins, the new users don't get put off, and the advanced
> users can read their manuals in Yelp. But let's face it, the priority
> here must be the new users: because advanced users are (a) less likely
> to give up quickly, and (b) more likely to have the ability to find the
> advanced documentation they need.
> An alternative solution is to give "Manual Pages" and "GNU Info Pages"
> better names, but I confess I can't think what those might be, at the
> moment.

At the moment, the way the TOCs are generated, I think putting the man
and info pages under a non-top-level node would involve a non-trivial
amount of code (and would thus break feature freeze).

Unless higher powers (i.e. Shaun) comes forward and says its ok, I don't
see this happening this release cycle.

The other thing you bring up about "Desktop", "Applications" and "Other
Documentation" being not great categories is probably a fair point.
There doesn't seem to be great distinctions about what should go where.
I know Brent has made some progress on getting things filed in better
positions, but it still seems a little strange.  Perhaps we should look
at this at the start of the next release cycle, where the issue of man
and info page locations can be looked at again.


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