Re: [gnome-love] Re: gnome-keyring-manager patch

On 1/21/06, Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:
> This is something that I often find confusing, and I'm
> sure I am not the only one [1]. A GNOME app can have
> up to four different names:
> - cvs module name
> - bugzilla component name
> - "human" name in the main menu
> - command line name
> and then there's the distro package name too...

You forgot about tarball package name; it too can be different. 
People will lose out on a number of Bugzilla conveniences if the cvs
module name and bugzilla name and tarball name don't all match.  More
cool features may come in the future, and those modules who don't have
all three of those things matching will lose out even more.  I tried
sending out an email to suggest people to change this[2], but the
email was so freakin' long (had lots of new info to get across) that I
don't think anyone read that far.

> Is there a list of these correspondences anywhere? If
> not, could we make a start on a wiki page to list
> them?

The rename section of
will give you a cvs -> tarball conversion for modules in one of the
official release sets (modules not listed have a matching name). 
That's one piece of the puzzle.  The bugzilla browse page
( for each module has a link to
the product's website -- which has hopefully been updated by the
maintainers to the correct site by now (instead of the default,  If the homepage has links to a download site or
something, that may help you find further connections.

Hope that helps,


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