Re: gnome-keyring-manager patch

--- Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net> wrote:

> I noticed that gnome-keyring-manager doesn't
> properly setup
> gnome-doc-utils[1].
> Now all we need is for someone to write some
> documentation for
> this application.

I could... if I knew how to run it.
> bash: gnome-keyring-manager: command not found

This is something that I often find confusing, and I'm
sure I am not the only one [1]. A GNOME app can have
up to four different names:
- cvs module name
- bugzilla component name
- "human" name in the main menu
- command line name
and then there's the distro package name too...

Is there a list of these correspondences anywhere? If
not, could we make a start on a wiki page to list


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