Re: Can I work in the Wiki for GNOME User Guide or I for got it?

--- Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:

> I'm trying change the contents and order in the
> Gnome User Guide, and
> becouse I don't have enough time, for the moment, to
> study the XML DocBook
> and how to create or edit documentation, I star to
> work in the Wiki at
>, but anyone answer my question about
> if the changes are ok or
> not.

I'm taking a look at what you've done to the contents
page now.

I think it does make sense to split the whole user
guide into broad sections 'Using your Desktop' and
'Configuring Your Desktop'. But the problem is that
it's not very useful to have only three top-level
sections. This is because when Yelp opens the user
guide, you only see the top-level sections in the
left-hand bar and on the contents page. So the user
wishing to get started with GNOME has to make an extra
click to see a list of topics.
So I would suggest removing those three top-level

Beneath that, I think what you've done with breaking
up 'Desktop Overview' is a good idea. It's a title
that doesn't convey much (especially since the whole
guide is a "desktop guide" and hence... an overview!
'Basics' is a bit nebulous too.

A section on Applications is a good idea I think.

I would quite like to move sections on Workspaces and
on Sessions further down. I think both of these
concepts are quite advanced. However, the reader needs
to be able to EASILY find out how to turn off their
computer! -- and that is currently in 'Sessions'.

That's all my thoughts on it so far :)


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