Updating the Accessibility Guide


As some of you might be aware, of late I have been attempting to update
the accessibility guide a little.

So far, the changes I've made can be found in bugzilla [1].  They aren't
big changes, just enough to make it slightly more relevant to GNOME
2.13 /2.14 (i.e. changing "Applications->Desktop Preferences" to
"System->Preferences" and things like that).

However, there are 2 things in it that I'm not too sure about.

1. In the mouse keys section (section 2.2.2) are currently 2 tables, one
describing the mouse keys for Solaris and one for linux.  In my patch,
I've merged these into one table with the following definitions:
1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9: Move the mouse around
5: Mouse button click
0: Mouse button toggle
/: Primary mouse button
*: Secondary mouse button
-: Tertiary mouse button

and added a note explaining how to switch mouse buttons, what toggle
does and that primary / secondary / tertiary refer to left / right /
middle buttons.

The question I was going to ask is, is this correct for Solaris?  It
works on linux (and the new table is based mostly on the Solaris table),
but I have no access to Solaris, so I can't really test.  If not, I'll
add the old table back in, if someone provides the correct key mapping.

2. In section, about changing the size of the cursor.  It
currently says:
"Select one of the following cursor size options:

Since this is now based on themes, this needs updating.  In my patch,
I've left it at "This will display a list of cursor themes and sizes
available".  The question (I know this has been brought up before,
but...) is, will GNOME 2.14 ship with some default cursor theme/s?  If
so, I'll add a bit more to this to say "By default, there are x, y, and
z available".  If not, I think the best way would be to add a link to
somewhere to download new cursor themes.  Unfortunately, I haven't found
a good site for this yet.

Other than that, if someone could look over the changes I've made so far
[2], to make sure it all makes sense etc. from an accessibility point of
view, that would be great.  I'm currently going through the next section
(Using the Keyboard to Navigate the Desktop) and will post a patch for
that when I'm done (to the same bugzilla bug).


[1] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=57414&action=view
[2] There are a couple of little changes I need to make to the patch
that I'll get fixed up as soon as my computer starts behaving itself

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