The User Guide Needs You

In the last few release cycles, our documentation has rotted.  It's been
incredibly difficult to get new contributors hacking docs quickly, in
due to a high barrier to entry.

In order to encourage collaborative editing, I've placed an outline for
the User Guide on the wiki:

I encourage everybody to chip in what they can to complete the User
for Gnome 2.12.  Don't worry too much about formatting.  Do try to get
lists and tables formatted somewhat correctly, otherwise the meaning
not be clear.  The wiki text will be converted by hand into DocBook, so
it just needs to be understandable by a human.

The purpose is to get the content right.  Don't just scribble down
notes.  Write good content.  If you want to insert a remark that
be in the actual document, put in a block in ALL-CAPS.

If you have questions, ask.  Send an email to this list, or fire up your
IRC client and join #docs on


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