Re: Fwd: Gnome User Guide

--- Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de> wrote:

> are you aware of
> It's an java based xml editor with WYSIWYG. The
> standard edition is free.

I found it when I googled for XML editors, but I
wasn't sure what to download for Linux, and as it's
not free it's not available directly through my
distro's packages.

I tried Conglomerate, which looks very nice but
crashed almost immediately... back to bugzilla!

> Developers probably continue to use their text
> editor ;) (like me)

Same here. 
Though which text editor?
Gedit lacks features such as removing/adding
indentation, and its handling of line endings makes it
a real pain to move things around in a file.
Bluefish is ok, once I've turned off most of the spare
toolbar clutter and got over the dialog buttons being
the wrong way round. But it doesn't respond to basic
stuff like dragging a file from nautilus to open it.

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