Re: string break request

Hi Oana,

(You should also CC release-team on string freeze break requests)

Yesterday at 13:00, Oana Serb wrote:

> There are some strings in Gnopernicus which are not correctly
> translated. This is subject of bug number 309039.
> (
> Also there are patches that are not marked to be translated, but the
> intention was to mark them later.
> We request your approval to make string changes.

~25 string changes seems like really a lot, and they are mostly typos.
I know we all hate typos, but they have been there since before 2.10
release (I only checked 2.10), so I think that they can wait for
another release cycle (i.e. a month if you don't branch right away).

As for previously unmarked strings which might need translation, you
should mark those and notify gnome-i18n about it as soon as you do:
you don't need approval for those.


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