icons for applets

	So, I started to commit the new applet icons from Jakub's blog[1]
before I realised there is actually an impact on docs here.

	In summary we have new replacement icons for:

  - gnome-panel/icons/gnome-clock.png
  - gnome-panel/icons/panel-drawer.png
  - gnome-applets/charpick/charpick.png
  - gnome-applets/gswitchit/gswitchit-applet.png
  - gnome-applets/gswitchit/gswitchit-properties-capplet.png
  - gnome-applets/geyes/gnome-eyes.png
  - gnome-desktop/pixmaps/gnome-money.png
  - gnome-desktop/pixmaps/gnome-modem.png

	I'd like to get these in for 2.8.1, but you guys should make the call
since it does affect some of the docs screenshots.

	I've committed the gnome-applets ones to HEAD - gnome-panel and
gnome-desktop don't have gnome-2-8 branches yet, so before committing
them at all I need docs approval.


[1] - http://primates.ximian.com/~jimmac/blog/Artwork/Applets2.html

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