Re: Problems with Yelp??

Thanks for the response

Shaun McCance wrote:
That happens when Yelp encounters bits of DocBook it doesn't understand.
That those FIXMEs, red text and all, ever appeared in a stable build is
really stupid, and it's entirely my fault.
Well, I'm using 2.9.1 on Ubuntu, so it isn't really a stable build :-)

The good news is that both of these issues are gone on HEAD.  The bad
news is that there are plenty of new problems.

I'd really love to see your work on this.  If you could stop by on IRC
some time, I could look over your DocBook to see how Yelp can better
handle it.
I never got around to learn how to use IRC (I'm the last non-IRC'er standing), but I'll look around on the web to try and figure out how to use IRC. If I give up (I don't have much time) I'll get back to you on this list



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