Re: yelp problem

Sorry, I had your message to gnome-doc-list marked as Important, but I
just never got to it.  I'm CC'ing this back to gnome-doc-list so it'll
be in the archives for reference.

The problem is that these two calls are not the same thing:

gnome_help_display ("foo", NULL)
gnome_help_display ("foo", "")

They call Yelp with the following, respectively:


An empty string is a string, and so an empty "fragment" identifier gets
appended.  With NULL, however, no identifier is appended.  It would seem
there are some differences between Yelp 2.4 and Yelp 2.6 with regards to
how empty fragment identifiers are handled, which doesn't surprise me.

As far as I can tell, the only thing pygnome lets you do is

gnome.help_display ('foo', '')

which simply calls

gnome_help_display ("foo", "")

Given that I would never tell a C programmer to call gnome_help_display
like this, I have no idea why pygnome insists you do it this way.  It
doesn't seem to let you pass None as the second argument.

I'm not sure why passing 'index' doesn't work with Yelp 2.4.  I'd have
to look at it to see what it's doing.

I don't really have a solution here.  Can we involve some pygnome people
in this discussion?


On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 01:02, Zoltan Kota wrote:
> Hi,
> Now I'm writing for you because I haven't found any information on my
> problem in mailing lists and other forums.
> Pybliographer is a gnome program written in python using pygtk and
> gnome-python. We have problem with launching the manual from the
> application Help menu under Gnome 2.6. However it works under Gnome 2.4.
> Gnome 2.6:
> Clicking on the Help -> Contents menu of the application, yelp starts but
> gives me an error box:
> 'The selected page could not be found in this document'; it is a yelp
> error message as I know. It doesn't show the 'Contents' page
> automatically, but when I click on Contents at the left side of yelp, it
> comes up.
> Starting yelp directly from Gnome menu and choosing pybliographer from
> there is OK. Starting yelp from command line with yelp ghelp:... is ok as
> well.
> Gnome 2.4:
> Clicking on the Help -> Contents menu of the application, yelp starts and
> shows the Contents page.
> This is the related part of the source:
> ---
> def on_documentation (self, *args):
>         import gobject
>         try:
>             gnome.help_display ('pybliographer', '')
>         except gobject.GError, msg:
>             self.w.error (_("Can't display documentation:\n%s") % msg)
>         return
> ---
> If I set 'index' as the second argument in gnome.help_display(), yelp
> shows the Contents page without errors under Gnome 2.6. index: <book
> id=index...> in the manual xml file.
> But using 'index' doesn't work under Gnome 2.4.
> Do you have any ideas what can be the problem?
> Any help are appreciated.
> Zoltan

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