Updated GNOME 2.6 manuals ready for translation

Hello translation colleagues,

the contributors in Sun to the GNOME documentation project have recently
updated the manuals for the following apps for GNOME 2.6:

* Battery Charge Monitor applet
* Calculator application
* CD Player applet
* Character Map application
* Character Picker applet
* Clock applet
* Command Line applet
* Dictionary applet and application
* Disk Mounter applet
* Geyes applet
* GNOME PDF Viewer application
* Inbox Monitor applet
* Network Monitor applet
* Quick Lounge applet
* Sticky Notes applet
* Stock Ticker applet
* System Monitor applet
* System Monitor application

We had originally planned to add a note to the ChangeLogs when these
manuals were ready for translation, because ideally the manuals should
be completely signed off before translation.   However, that might not
leave much time for you to do your work! So feel free to go ahead and
start work on these manuals :)

We plan to put back updated versions of the manuals for following apps
over the next two weeks:
* CD Player application
* Eye of GNOME application
* File Roller application
* GConf Editor application
* gedit application
* Glade application
* GNOME Ghostview application
* GNOME Terminal application
* Gnopernicus application
* Login Screen Setup application
* Search For Files applet
* Sound Recorder application
* Volume Control applet
* Volume Control application
* Weather Report applet
* WebEyes applet
* Window List applet
* Wireless Link Monitor applet
* Workspace Switcher applet

We also plan to put back updated versions of the following manuals:
* GNOME Desktop User Guide
* GNOME Desktop System Administration Guide
* GNOME Desktop Accessibilty Guide

We'll copy you on the notification mails when we put these documents
back to CVSHEAD.

The following manuals have not been updated for GNOME 2.6, because the
software has not changed:
* Fish applet
* Print Manager application


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