Re: More Doctable changes.

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 08:38, Pat Costello wrote: 
> Some more Doctable changes: 
> The following jobs are Solaris-only, and are not currently planned for a future 
> Sun release, therefore they are taking up valuable space on the Doctable: 
> - system details
> - GNOME performance meter (gperfmeter)
> So, I've taken these jobs off the Doctable, to save confusion. All relevant 
> files are in CVS for people to recycle should they feel so inclined. 
> The following jobs were in the Sun release but have now been dropped from the 
> Solaris desktop: 
> - gnome system log (logview)
> - process manager (gprocview)
> - archive generator
> - panel menu (menubar)

I put myself down for archive generator and gnome system log. Not sure
about the status. If anybody else is interested in them, raise a hand
and I'll cheerfully hand them over.

The panel menu, I thought, is included in the panel docs. Not sure what
the deal is with gprocview. Wasn't that a Sun-specific thing?


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