2.4 docs status

Folks -

I have updated the doctable so it is now in sync with GNOME 2.4 release
modules list. There have been a number of people recently who have come
'round volunteering, and there is a good list of things on the doctable
that are open and need doing. Some have been around a while, and some
are new for the 2.4 release.

Doctable is here:


The work falls into two areas - writing docs themselves and what we've
loosely called "maintainership".

The distinction, in short, is that writers write docs and maintainers
deal with all the other crap that needs to be taken care of - docs
builds and the like.

For one-app packages like Zenity, the maintainer and the writer are
likely to be the same person. For big multi-app packages like
gnome-utils or the applets, maintainership means riding herd over all
the docs in the package, acting as a docs go-between with the package
maintainer, keeping track of docs build and omf issues, hunting for new
docs writers when old ones slip away, watching for changes from one
major release to the next.

Here are the packages that need fresh docs love:

acme - needs writer/maintainer

gconf-editor - needs writer/maintainer

in gnome-applets:
	modemlights - needs writer
	multi-load - needs writer
	battstat - needs writer
gnome-games is a bit of a tangle, and really needs a maintainer to
	figure out what has docs and what needs 'em.

gnome-media needs a maintainer. Irene is doing some of the docs, but
	someone needs to poke around and see what else is needed.

gnomemeeting - I am told there is someone working on docs. I've been
	unsuccessful in contacting him, and I suspect they may need
	some help.

gucharmap - needs maintainer/writer

totem - needs maintainer/writer

zenity - Glynn Foster, the developer, has done some docs, but would be
	a happy guy if someone would take over responsibility for 


John Fleck
jfleck inkstain net (h)

"If we can survive Michael Jackson's nose, we can survive anything."
 - Zippy the Pinhead

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