Re: 2.4 release list

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 05:21, John Fleck wrote:
> Folks -
> Per my missive of last week, I've poked the way through the list of new
> packages for the release of GNOME 2.4 and gotten what I think is a
> handle on what's already in progress or spoken for, and where work is
> needed. You'll see there are several apps down here that are not yet
> spoken for.

If somebody wants a fairly small, but useful task: go through the
various OMF files and fix the half dozen or so that do not currently
validate. If you run scrollkeeper-rebuilddb and watch the
${prefix}/var/log/scrollkeeper.log, you will see the ones that have
problems as they are installed.

I have been meaning to do this one for a while, but there is just no way
I am going to have a moment of free time in the next three weeks or so
(modulo the single day of GNOME hacking that is meant to take place at
OLS). So it would be nice if somebody could find two hours to fix this
and I will then owe you a beverage of choice.


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