Re: Someone who feel confident in XSLT?

I took a look through the stylesheet bugs.  I can fix most of these. 
But if there's no maintainer to commit stuff, there's not much I can do.


On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 16:04, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
> Has Sander indeed given up on this? I hope not...
> I could help with *some* of the bugs, but I am not really an expert in
> XSLT, so I'd rather some real expert step up to this.
> Sasha
> On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 16:40, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Looks like Sander has given up on doing the maintainance of the
> > stylesheets for Yelp. Does anyone want to take this up and go over the
> > bug list and see if there are things that can be fixed?
> > 
> > I've also realized that I have too little time and interest in Yelp to
> > be able to actively maintain it so if someone feels it would be a nice
> > way to contribute to GNOME just let me know.
> > 
> > Regards,
> >   Mikael Hallendal
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