Re: bug-buddy docs

On Sat, 2002-05-25 at 10:54, Eric Baudais wrote:
> > It might be especially good if someone could connect with Luis and see
> > what might be useful to include in the docs to enhance the bug reports
> > we get.
> Yes, that would be a good thing.  It seems like bug-buddy already does a good 
> job of providing the bug reporter with a standard template.  The one thing I 
> didn't see was a place to fill out the OS information.  It probably will be 
> retrieved from the bug reporter's computer, but there are usually some 
> specific information the bug reporter should include like how they're building 
> the product (if from CVS or garnome or directly from tarballs).

It doesn't actually retrieve it; there was some talk of doing this (with
code lifted from red-carpet) but I don't think it ever happened. Would
definitely be useful, though.


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