Re: yelp & docbook stylesheet - call for testers

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 03:11:07AM +0100, Sander Vesik wrote:
> This is a sort of really last minute plea for help - but please, anybody
> who has even a semi-working help setup[1] and an up to date yelp[2],
> please start poking at the existing docs and help buttons and file any
> bugs that look like they could be due to teh stylesheet - missing
> <<<previous or Contents or Next>>> or some table mis-displayed or anything
> else mis-displayed, please file bugs under the stylesheet component of
> yelp. 

Btw, on a slightly related topic ... I am building up a list of common
setup and configuration problems that people are having (mostly from
listening on the mailing lists and also by managing to mess up a couple
of my own installs).

Ultimately, this will become a "How to check your GNOME setup is sane"
document (most of the bits I've found already are in a shell script,
too, so that I can run it against my machines to see if I have made any
bozo errors).

So, if people start to see the same problems coming up on IRC (I'm
hardly ever there these days), can you bounce me a note so that I can
work out a test for it.

To save some time, on the documentation front, I already have

	- Checking that the scrollkeeper TOC contains the right
	  documents (and how to install them if not). Also includes
	  checking that the right scrollkeeper stuff is called (by
	  looking in /etc/scrollkeeper.conf and checking it is sane).
	- Checking that the docbook stylesheets are installed (more or
	  less -- it's hard to check that comprehensively and
	  automatically, but I am assuming that either they are
	  installed or they are not).

	- Checking that the XML catalog stuff is installed properly.

Other things include (I don't have the full script at work right now, so
this is from memory):

	- Checking that a build process will pick up the GNOME 2
	  headers, not the GNOME 1 versions (if either are installed).

	- Checking that the .pc files are consistent.

	- Checking that a particular .schemas file has been put into the
	  correct gconfd.

	- Ensuring that an application is linking against either all
	  GNOME 2 libraries or all GNOME 1 libraries (this bit me once a
	  few months back -- it may not be relevant now that the names
	  are a bit better).

In a few weeks we are going to have dozens (hundreds? thoursands?) of
people with brand new GNOME 2 installations but all with slightly odd
configuration differences. I thought I might try and save some time by
writing the self-help document (and portable shell scripts) now.



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