Re: Shortened titles in Yelp

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 03:45, Martijn van Beers wrote:
> No, this is not the problem to be solved. OMF files contain metadata
> about a document. title is metadata. author is metadata. but
> title butchered up so that a certain obscure html renderer can display
> it according to certain people's aesthetic taste is definitely not.

Martijn -

We're the ones trying to make use of the metadata. We've found a piece
of metadata that we need that is currently not provided - "short,
displayable title". We'd like to add it in such a way that it does not
conflict with the existing metadata. The only argument you seem to be
offering is that this violates some sort of general principle regarding
the metadata's purpose. But I've yet to see you offer a practical
downside, some harm that would be caused. Others who don't want to use
this new bit of metadata are free to ignore it. OMF files that don't
have it will be still be useful. No harm, no foul.

I personally don't feel strongly that we need to do this[1], but if
others want it, I don't see any harm it would cause.

Since Martijn seems to be the only one objecting, and no one else seems
to be have been convinced by his arguments, I'd suggest we call this
done and focus on the specific xml to be used to implement it.


[1] One reason I don't feel particularly strongly about a need to do it
is because one of the extraneous bits of ugliness in the title, the
"V2.1" bit, is already contained elsewhere in the <version> element.
John Fleck
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