Re: Lampadas Concerns

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 08:35:51PM -0600, John Fleck wrote:
> Eric -
> This is great. I feel like we've finally got a clear explication of what
> it is we need the doctablish system to do. And it sounds from David's
> comments as though Lampadas could be tailored to meet our needs.

Absolutely it can! Why the hell am I doing this, anyway? Every
decision I make is based on having Lampadas usable by Gnome and other
projects, not just the LDP.

> Would Lampadas be directly linked to our cvs, so it would know when a
> doc is updated? Or would a manual step be required to tell it?

Yes. Lampadas will have CVS integration.

It needs its own CVS tree, from which it reads and to which it
writes. I haven't coded any CVS stuff yet because I don't have a CVS
test tree to work against, and I'm not debugging against a live tree.
Can you guys provide one? A side benefit, but an important one, is
that we could start adding the Gnome docs into it right now and have
the data ready to go when the code is.

I plan to make CVS either auto or manual, configurable. Some projects
might want to manually review changes before they are committed.

It looks like I'll be going to beta around end of July or so, FYI.

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