Re: Using Bugzilla. RE: G2 Lessons Learned

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 10:55:03AM +1000, Phillip Shelton wrote:
> > Instead of using an existing Bugzilla, could you start your own Bugzilla
> > tree? (I am guessing that Bugzilla is something like CVS and you have access
> > to some machine to put it onto.)
> > 
> > Thus using an exising tool to keep the data and an independent Doc Managment
> > system?
> All this bugzilla changing talk sounds like severe over-kill to me. If
> one of the only lessons we learn is that human resources for doing this
> sort of stuff is hard to come by, then we have made real progress.
> A documentation management system, whether Lampadas or Borges or
> whatever, plus using existing GNOME bugzilla for tracking bugs in
> existing documentation (or complete lack of documentation when required
> by users) seems sufficient and economical.

I think bugzilla is both an overkill and on the other hand doesn't have a
sufficently capable or friendly interface to do what we want/need.
Bugzilla essentially only has sense of 'who is doing what' and whetever it
is done or not. It doesn't have a way to present how far in progress
things are (or even track such), its abilities for grouping and dependency
tracking are just slightly better from a semimanual web page based
tracking. This doesn't mean we can't use bugzilla, just it would be better
to have something more suited to this instead.

This all IMHO, of course. 

> Malcolm


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