Re: G2 Lessons Learned

Hey guys,
    I know that I have been dormant lately, and my appologies for that.
Between my discovery of my girlfriend, school, and a slight task change at
Ximian, I have been unable to easily participate.
    However, I am going to make my suggestion regarding the DocTable known.
I'll get looked at weird, but please bare with me.
    I don't really think we need it.  Seriously guys!  To me, it seems like
it's a duplication of something else: Bugzilla.
    I am sure we're all quite firmilar (fond or not) of Bugzilla.  I feel
though, that it provides everything that we'll need and more to do what the
DocTable does.  I propose that we abolish the DocTable and replace it with
more fine grained tasks in Bugzilla.  We can point a new user to Bugzilla
and say "Find a project that has open bugs for documentation".  This is, if
nothing else, more precise than the DocTable can get (without reinventing
the wheel again).  It would also serve as a task management system, to help
organize each developer, and the entire GDP as a whole.


Kevin Breit

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