New thread: Naming conventions.

> First off, could we please fork this into a new thread?  Thanks
> Second, like "Excel", "PowerPoint", or "AppleWorks" is any better?
> Kevin
Hello Kevin,
Thank you for your opinion.  I never argued that Microsoft or anyone else
chose good names.  At least, I didn't mean to.  I only meant to say that I
think that we should. Specially in consideration for the new user. BTW, I
don't know what "Apple Works" is for.  I've wondered that before.

No one could guess what "Excel" is for, they have to be told it.  Most
people with computer experience can guess what "Abiword" is for.
Therefore, "Abiword" is a better name than "Excel".

I didn't mean to anoy anyone with my post.  I apologize if I did.
I only offered an opinion as to what might make GNOME better.  Nothing

Kind regards,

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