Re: GUADEC, meetings, and fun

On Fri, 2002-01-25 at 05:58, Eric Baudais wrote:
> Folks-
> I'm wondering who from this list is attending GUADEC this spring.  I know I 
> do not have the means to attend.

Sign up anyway and request financial support. See what happens.  If you
contribute actively, you might be able to get at least partial aid to
get you there.

> If a lot of us cannot attend, would we be interested in getting together 
> outside of GUADEC? For the third time in Europe (that's all I'm saying about 
> it too).  If we do want to get together would in the US be a good location?  
> I know there are a lot of people in other countries, but most of the GDP 
> people I know are either in the US or Europe.

Just to explain GUADEC in Europe.. it is the GNOME User and Developer
European Conference.

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