Re: help URI schemes

> > 
> > I think we have a need for a special help URI scheme.  I would also like
> > to get away from a proliferation of help schemes and come up with a single
> > (good) help:// scheme which we all share.  This would make things simpler
> > in the long term.  We do have to handle a few interesting problems though.
> > eg: Does "help://cdplayer" give you the GNOME cd player application or the
> > KDE cd player application, or neither?  How do you handle multiple
> > documents with the same URI (eg. different versions, languages, formats,
> > etc. of a given document)? How do you handle targets for both HTML and XML
> > documents at the same time?

The obvious idea would be for every application, add to OMF one more
field, "identifier" and try to keep it unique. For application
manuals, it should probably be the same as binary name: for Nautilus,
"id" should be "nautilus". Thus, GNOME cd player will have identifier
"gtcd" while for KDE player, it is "kscd". This almost guarantees
uniqueness. As for different formats/versions/languages - the help
browser must have some built in (probably configurable) preferences:
e.g., use the language of "locale", latest version, etc. 


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