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On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 12:39:33AM -0500, Dan Mueth wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, David Merrill wrote:
> > That sounds like the right approach. I'm working on a proof-of-concept
> > implementation in python that I'm calling ScrollServer, and it is
> > already serving the ScrollKeeper documents. I'm using the medusa web
> > application platform, but it could be moved to something else pretty
> > easily.
> >
> > I expect I'll have something usable well within the 2.0 timeframe,
> > although it certainly won't be as far along as the standard help
> > browser. Still, it will allow a user to get to the help using lynx. In
> > fact, it *already* lets the user get to the scrollkeeper database with
> > lynx. Not bad for a day's hacking, huh? ;-) Especially since I've
> > never coded python before.
> >
> > I still have lots of functionality to do, of course. All it does now
> > is present the TOC and process (and cache) sgml -> html which is then
> > served as well. But at least I will be able to work alongside the
> > other efforts and provide a way for people without a gui to still gain
> > the advantages of ScrollKeeper.
> Wow - That is great!  One nifty use for this would be to put it on
> and allow anybody with a web browser and internet connection
> to browse the TOC and read all the GNOME docs.  Naturally, a lot of other
> projects could benefit from ScrollServer as well.

That would be cool. I intend to put all the LDP documents under
it, although I doubt I can get it on official LDP servers. The LDP is
a very conservative bunch and not terribly interested in changing the
way they do things.

Last night I converted from medusa to the standard SimpleHTTPServer
that comes with Python. No need for medusa for just a local server.

> You might mention that you started this project on the ScrollKeeper
> mailing list.  I know others have expressed an interest in developing and
> using this sort of a tool on that list in the past.

I will do that.

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