Re: help browser plan

On 26Nov2001 07:21PM (-0500), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone fill me in on the plan for help browsing in GNOME 2? I've
> seen various ideas floating around, but we should make a decision if
> we haven't.
> If we're going to use a standalone browser, we should consider
> dropping the help components from Nautilus - that will make Nautilus
> smaller and eliminate some code we have to worry about. At the same
> time, if we're going to use a standalone browser, we need to decide
> what it is for sure and start working on it ASAP.
> If someone's all over this and already decided, just let me know what
> the plan is. ;-)

It's going to be hard to have any kind of help browser, standalone or
otherwise, without some kind of HTML display engine that works with
GNOME 2. Maybe it would be a good idea to figure out what HTML widget
will be available in time for 2.0 before deciding on a development
plan. If there isn't going to be one we will have to either ship
without a help browser or delay the release.

Right now, the top 3 candidates, mozilla, gtkhtml1 and gtkhtml2, all
sound like they won't be ready in time.



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