Re: XML plugin for Kate

On Mon, 2001-11-26 at 15:31, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
> Hi guys:
> since not everyone reads KDE news, some of you may have missed this
> announcement:
> Daniel Naber wrote in some time ago to inform us of a new XML plugin for
> Kate. "The plugin gives hints about what's allowed at a certain position
> in
> an XML file, according to the file's DTD. It will list possible elements,
> attributes, attribute values or entities, depending on the cursor
> position. You can also close an open element with a keyboard shortcut.
> DocBook is also supported, so hopefully people will use Kate + XML plugin
> to write KDE documentation."

Unfortunately, this isn't so much a plugin as it is patches, at least in
so far as you have to recompile kate to get it to work.  I was going to
try it out (since I like to play with these things), but compiling C++
programs is painfully slow with GCC.  I might need to give it a shot now
that I have a faster compile box available.

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