Re: Title Page Suggestion

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 11:23:30AM +0000, Pat Costello offered:
> 2) Contributors can leave blank the name tag on the TOC >>if they want to<<. 
> This would be the case in terms of Sun Microsystems. Sun is happy to be 
> discreetly credited on the `About this Document` page. In other words, the name 
> tag must not be a required tag that would break the build if it were left empty. 

I can't remember if I sent this already or not, and I'm to lazy to check
the archive right now...

Why not have the name tag be an email link so that readers who have
questions/problems can email the author directly? I've received a few
questions from stuff I've written, and am interested in what people
think of it. Admittedly this would sort-of-kind-of-maybe make the name
tag manditory. But I thought if the Sun folks are that shy ;), they could
just put some generic "The Doc Team", and put this mailing list as the
email link.

Just thought making feedback a little more accesible would be cool.


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