My name is Sean Allen
I have been helping the gnome-db projct with documentation and I suppose
this would be as good a time as any to *officially* announce my
I have freshened the docs they have already, by adding lots of markup
and ensuring that the docs are fully GDP compliant (FDL, markup
convention, etc.) and am currently writing a user's guide for the gnome
DB front end, an Access style front end to a gnome aware CORBA backend
that allows you to connect to a variety of database servers, including
postgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and LDAP, as well as being a set bonobo
widgets that interface with the Glade UI builder (I suppose a guide for
that will be necesary too, at some point).
I guess this is just to say "Hi!" and to ask about adding our project to
the GDP "BigBoard".
All docs should be considered *beta*, much like the project and subject
to a great deal of change as the program grows.
just as a matter of interest, what kind of plans, if any are in place
for accessability with regards to the GDP?

Sean Allen

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