Re: Adding some GNU documentation

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Martin Wahlén wrote:

> > You do not really want to generate from something into SGML/XML for the
> > most part. It takes more of a human touch to create a document in these
> > formats correctly.
> Since I belive that Richard likes to write TeXinfo documentation, we could
> probably mark it up for him if he writes the content. Richard could then
> approve it?

This all sounds great.  How about Richard write up something and send it
to Trevor who can put it into SGML/DocBook (I think he volunteered;).
Then we can all review it (along with Richard) and then Trevor can put it
in gnome-core/core-docs/gnu/ so it gets installed (along with all the GNU
licenses) with every GNOME installation.

I'm not sure where the startup screen lives, but I guess when we are ready
we can bug Jacob and George to add the link.

Trevor - Could you add this document to the DocTable so we don't forget
about it?


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