Re: Session capplet documentation

[Apologies if you are receiving this more than once...must have 
screwed up sending it the first time :/ ]

Heya Sasha,

> Hi,
> I am currently maintaining the documentation for control-center
> (btw, it is located at
> control-center/doc/C/gnomecc.sgml, branch control-center-1-0)

Yeah, that was pointed out to me this afternoon...for some reason
the documentation hasn't been transferred over to HEAD yet.

> Probably the easiest way would be if you just send me the patch to the
> existing file, and I'll check it into CVS. Or you can send me the list
> of changes and I'll modify the doc myself - whatever you prefer.

I'm easy about this...What might be the best solution, is for me to send
over a patch to the existing file and you can edit it as you see fit.
I'm no documentation wizard ;)

> Is this new functionality in gnome-14.beta1? If so, I can take the
> screenshots myself (I plan to install beta1 later today).

Yes this is new functionality in beta1.
I've taken screenshots already :) but you can take your own if you wish...
The ones I've taken are at

[but I'm actually not sure of the quality - just looking at them a minute

I'll get the patches done pretty soon.
                Many thanks,
                        Glynn ;)

> Best,
> Sasha
> On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 04:59:12PM +0000, Glynn Foster wrote:
> > Heya,
> > Just recently I was working on a multisession hack for gnome-session
> > which is pretty much finished and in for the GNOME1.4 release. The
> > hack involved changing the capplet code and, as a result, the structure
> > of the 'Startup Programs' gui.
> > I was checking through the documentation for the control-center and
> > realised that some of it needs to be rewritten for 1.4 [different
> > screenshots, added functionality]
> > I think I identified it to the following cvs module -
> >
> >               desktop-docs/gnomecc.sgml
> >
> > I would be quite happy to document some of the changes but being a
> > mere insignificant software developer I thought I'd ask first and
> > find out the proccess for this.
> >
> >                       Thanks,
> >                               Glynn ;)
> >

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