gnome-user-docs and gnome-devel-docs

Hi folks,

I had two new GNOME modules created in CVS today: gnome-user-docs and

They are both empty.  My plans are to create and ship just two GNOME
packages which are strictly documentation.  So, we can slowly move over
any good documentation into these modules from their current locations.

There are some packages which will die in the process:

Some examples of what these modules will contain:

	Introduction to GNOME
	Introduction to Linux
	GNOME Users Guide
        GNOME Quick Reference
	Joining the GNOME Project

	GNOME Developer FAQ
	GDP Handbook
	GTP Handbook
	(any white papers which are up to date)
	(any tutorials which are up to date)
	(any other developer documents which are good and up to date)

Generally speaking, gnome-user-docs would ship with the main GNOME
release, and gnome-devel-docs would be in the extra apps packages since
most people don't need them.

So, I think we generally want to get someone with CVS root access to move
these pieces into place from their current locations in CVS, approving
this of course with anybody who may have co-authored each text so they
don't think their doc dissappeared. 

This is our chance to start with a fresh module, so lets be careful to
keep things tidy and keep the build system working.  Remember the basic
directory layout:


Also be sure that anything you put in these modules are up to date,
written in DocBook/SGML, and licensed under the FDL and appropriately
state so in their legalnotice.


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