Re: [Scrollkeeper-devel] structure of extracted index page

Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 10:29:42AM +0100, László Kovács wrote:
> > > Laszlo - Does this all sound correct based on your experience?  How do you
> > > handle sections without id's in ScrollKeeper's TOC extraction?  Do you
> > > ignore those sections or id them in the same way as db2html?
> > Yes, sections with no IDs are ignored  during TOC extraction.
>   Hum, this should probably be improved ...
> C.f. my other mail for a possible technical solution.
> Daniel

Are you talking about the XPointer email? I dont understand how that
helps us here. Our problem is that if a section does not have a unique
id then Scrollkeeper and gnome-db2html[2|3] can jump there only if they
generate an id to this section which is the same in both Scrollkeeper
and the convertor. I am not sure how could XPointer help us in this
case. I think the examples you gave described how to identify one or
more subparts of the xml doc. But as far as I understand we still need
something to uniquely identify the subpart we are going for to use the
XPointer mechanism and we dont have uniqueness assured. Unless I
misunderstand something badly which is possible as I didnt spend a huge
amount of time with XPointer yet.


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