Example glade files in document

Dear wordsmiths,

I am writing a document on how to create good-looking dialog boxes in
Glade.  It is in gnome-docu/tutorials/dialog-boxes.

I want to have an appendix with the example Glade files.  I tried
creating a SYSTEM entity pointing to my example .glade file, and then
including it in a <literallayout>.  Unfortunately, the .glade file has
its own XML-like tags and thus Jade gets very confused when it slurps
it into the SGML document.

My question is, how do I include a plain text file into the SGML
document without having to massage it by hand?

[Also, if you just run "db2html dialog-boxes.sgml" and copy the fig/
directory into Jade's destination directory, it will not quite work.
Jade is spitting filename.gif image filenames instead of
filename.png.  Any ideas?]

Thanks for any suggestions you may have,


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