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Ali Abdin <aliabdin aucegypt edu> writes:

> Yes - this is a _KNOWN_ bug mathieu :) The problem is, we are still using
> DocBook SGML. I talked with Daniel Veillard about entities in several email's.
> He told me they are broken too. I know they are broken. But I had to make it

You know they are broken but you do not know why or how.
What I want to be able to say if someone asks me why it is broken is to point 
them at the architectural problem in the code, not tell them: "it is broken".

I understand your reasons for doing what you do but I want to know exactly what
the problem is. 


> 'work' for now. 
> Part of the reason is SGML syntax is /different/ than XML (esp. the first line
> in the docs).
> Daniel wanted me to do several things, switch to the DOM based parser (instead
> of SAX), and use libxml 2.x - I can't switch to DOM because we use SGML, and I
> can't switch to libxml 2.x because we are locked into libxml 1.x for Nautilus
> 1.0 and GNOME 1.4
> My hands are tied with this. I am very open to suggestions.
> Regards,
> Ali
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