Re: 1.4 updates

AFAIK, ulinks do not require "type" attribute, but we should use it
anyway - who knows, maybe it will be used for something later. 

One word of caution: when updating other people's docs, please consult
the original author for anything beyond simple changes in links/web
addresses/tags; changing a couple of words may seem like not a big
deal for one person but be considered as rather important by
another. For example, I often ask people to edit my documents - and
send their edits to me, so that I have  the final say on what of their edits
goes in CVS and what I discard. 


On Tue, Oct 03, 2000 at 11:59:38AM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> I'd like to start going through and updating any docs I can find in CVS for
> 1.4, based on this list
> The docs that I'd like to do are the ones that are listed here:
> and here:
> /cvs/gnome
> I've got a few questions before I get too heavily into this:
> 1) Has anybody started on this, and is there a list of docs that have been
> updated?  If not, where/how should I start one?
> 2) Do our ulink tags now "require" a type, for the new help system?  
> I'll be writing a few little bitty scripts to help me out with this,
> assuming that I can figure out what the most common changes are.  Let me
> know if you want to help write them, or much later, if you want to use them.

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