GDP Web pages and DocTable

As several of you have pointed out to me in emails, the DocTable and GDP
web pages are having a number of problems.  These are a result of the
recent change to new web pages.  I have made a list of the
problems and sent it to the webmaster, so hopefully they will be resolved

Please note that although the DocTable spits out some error messages every
time data is added or modified to the table, it still makes the
changes.  The errors are due to a problem with logging and can be ignored.
As Sasha and others have suggested, please update any entries in the
DocTable which you are assigned to.

Many links on are dead.  If you need to view the
Handbook, you can see it online at  If you want the latest templates,
you should grab them from CVS at gnome-docu/gdp/templates.

I am also unable to create new accounts for the DocTable or edit the GDP
web pages at this time.

We will try to resolve these problems as soon as possible.


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