Users Guide

Well after all of your collective smashing together of docs for 1.2 in
such a short amount of time - I have the first of the pre 1.2 releases
for us to review.

What are we looking for? show stopping edits only!

Why? We haven't much time.

What are the problems you already know about Dave?  

        a) there are some areas in the postscript doc where the line
        run-over problem occurs - I'm working on it

        b) for some reason not everyone's *Default* gtk theme is the
        same - my theory is that Helix has a different *default* - is
        this the case helix people? If so can we plead to you to call
        it helix-default. Its not terrible and I'm not interested in
        retaking screenshots because of it.

        c) There are no apps outside of the Core - this includes the
        calendar and cdplayer, etc. I don't know if I have the time to
        update and include - plus there are so many others I'd just be
        leaving someone out and hurting feelings.

        d) Not everything is documented - we knew that going in - get
        over it.

Please make sure that if you contributed *anything* to this
'collection of documents into one' you are represented in the
copyright and in the Authors section.

Did I miss anything... oh yes where is it?

The test html version is at:

You can download all 6 freakin' megs of the html at:

and you can download all 4 freakin' megs of the PostScript at:

Again - lets look for show stoppers - not "color should be colour"
... sorry Telsa, had to throw that in :)




          David Mason
        Red Hat AD Labs

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