Introduction (with bonus question!)


My name's Michael Hall.  I just registered with the GDP site to
contribute documentation.

You all know the story: boy meets *nix, *nix mops the floor with boy,
boy gets a freenix for home, boy falls in love, boy writes
documentation about the *nix. By day I maintain a really mauve
database and minister to the Mac and Windows people.

I jumped ahead of the procedure a little and wrote up an applet's
documentation because I wanted to get my feet wet.  Fortunately, no one
claimed the applet in the meantime (GNOTES!, btw), so it looks like my
practice session may even be useful.  It can be found here:

Though capable of genuine style, I was cautious on this one because it
was as much a foray into the mechanics of using docbook and playing with
all the sgml-tools (to which I'm new) as anything.  I'm looking forward
to whatever feedback folks can offer.

Happy Monday,

Michael Hall
Charlottesville, VA

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