Re: applet template confusion

Yet another reply to the same thing. Sorry :)

On Sun, Mar 12, 2000 at 08:42:21AM -0700 or thereabouts, John Fleck wrote:
> The March 7 applet template, gnome-applet-template.sgml.part, has left me
> with some confusion.
> In either case, should I be rewriting those that have already been checked
> into CVS using early templates to comport to this format?

The timing on this is a pain in the neck. Half the gnome-core and
gnome-applets people are just about to head off to GUADEC and will
then be there until the weekend. Mind, I suppose they may all have
laptops and internet connections for email :)

But I saw Jacob (maintains gnome-applets and gnome-core) on IRC
yesterday and he asked how long until we finish documenting the
rest of gnome-core and gnome-applets -- because that's about all
they're waiting for before releasing. Argh!

I suspect someone is going to hate me for this, especially after 
all the effort people put into the templates. But my feeling would
be "just get the documentation in, in one of those forms" right
now. At least it goes out with the packages then.

I'm still confused on how to use the current templates (assuming
they haven't changed since yesterday). So I've done a bunch of
monitor applets and stuffed them on my webpage. I apologise for
the speed of the link. I haven't put screenshots in them. Those
can go in when I've got the right stuff working. I have tried to
stick to the template, but since I don't understand how to link
things in when the other things are not going to be in the same
directory, I've left that for now.

Feedback, proofreading, technical checking (like I have slightly
different definitions of 'system' and 'user' CPU in cpuload and
cpumemusage, I know. I think one's right. Maybe :)) all welcome.

I shall be around for part of tomorrow, but if you don't have time
before then, no worries, and you can take your time because I'm away
until Sunday night then :)

Vaguely related question: for protocols like FTP, SLIP, PPP, TCP/IPand 
so on, what DocBook tags exist? 


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