Re: applet template confusion

On Sun, Mar 12, 2000 at 08:42:21AM -0700 or thereabouts, John Fleck wrote:
> Telsa et. al.,
> The March 7 applet template, gnome-applet-template.sgml.part, has left me
> with some confusion.
> The handbook suggests I need to be writing a stand-along DocBook document
> to go in CVS during the transitional period. Or is this wrong? Should the
> ...sgml.part document be what goes in CVS, sans the doctype declaration at
> the top of the file?
> In either case, should I be rewriting those that have already been checked
> into CVS using early templates to comport to this format?
> Can someone explain how to get emacs (using psgml) to recognize the doctype
> when I'm working in the ...sgml.part file with no doctype declaration at
> the top?

Yeah, I'm getting a bit muddled myself. With the commits list down for
a week, I only noticed the changes when updating. I did suggest that
a "credits" section at the end and lumping all the standard stuff
together so that it wasn't repeated was a good idea, but I didn't 
realise it had been implemented. (Amazing how much you get to miss
the commits list. It's now back. Hooray.)

As to the .sgml.part stuff, I think this is Dan's method of being
able to write once as a <sect1> jobbie, then be able to put it as
an entity into another file. I'm not too sure, though. I've never
understood cdata stuff. Perhaps Dan could explain? He mentioned
something on #docs about a Makefile, but I realised after looking 
at the bits in the templates that I don't understand which files are 
contained in what, and which is the one to use. What's the cdata ones 

As to redoing things in line with that, well I sent my stuff to
Jacob with DTDs of
<!DOCTYPE sect1 PUBLIC "-//GNOME//DTD DocBook PNG Variant V1.0//EN"[]>
and I've just realised that he edited and split things up and that
the applet documentation that comes with an applet is packaged as
articles, not books. I don't think this matters hugely, but I did
like the idea of a book, so you could hop around chapters :) A sort
of sample/demo layout of a book format is in desktop-docu/gnome-applet/
by the way. That was originally something I generated just to see
how it would look for print purposes, and Dan threw it into CVS for

I'm not quite sure about the template stuff myself. Dan, help!

I have other questions, but they can go in a separate post :)


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