GDP 1.x Screenshot Standard - And the Winner is...

(drumroll please)....     Sawmill/MicroGui 

The vote results are in and "Sawmill/MicroGui" has won by a large margin.

As stated previously, all screenshots should be taken in such a way as to
appear as though they were taken with the Sawmill/MicroGui window
manager/theme combination.  If this theme is implemented in an identical
way with another window manager, then screenshots can be taken with that
window manager as well.

All screenshots for 1.x documentation should use this combination, active
immediately.  The GTK+ theme and font should be the defaults (gtk and 12
pt Helvetica).  If you are unable to produce screenshots with the correct
appearance, please send screenshots in the way you would like them to
appear to the mailing list, requesting a GDP
member take similar screenshots but with the correct window
manager/theme/font/GTK theme combination.


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