Error in a GNOME doc

I have found an error in one of your docs:

The docs says that "nice" are those apps that are not really nice and eat
CPU like mad. The correct is the inverse situation: "nice"d apps are those
that eat the part of CPU that nobody wants.

I can not remember the OSF/1, Solaris / SunOS or FreeBSD way of handling
priorities (the exact numbers, I mean), but in Linux you have a nice level
ranging from -20 to +20, and a priority level of -20 to +20. Only root can
assign negative nice levels, normal users only can request positive nice
levels. And priorities are assigned by the kernel as time passes.

When you set nice to 18, for example, it will only eat CPU when nobody is
using it, and the priority will be in the range from 18 to 20 (IIRC). On the
other hand, negative nice values mean that it will eat a lot of CPU (I am
not sure about this, I think they will eat as much CPU as they need, even
forbiding normal users the right to use any CPU time).

At Univ I have a guy that launchs the rc5des with nice level of 18, so the
machine is very usable by the rest (nobody knows there is such app except if
he uses top or a similar app). And in all Linux machines I know, there are
some kernel tasks running with nice of -12 or even -20 (and priority of the


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