Re: Documentation templates and references

Gregory Leblanc <> writes:

|   Within reason.  If we allow stupid ammounts of minimization as in
|   the example that Telsa posted, then writing in SGML is little or no
|   better than writing in plain text because we can't do anything with
|   it.

Yes.  Please, take me wrong.  I don't vote to accept documents that are
basically not maintain.  The author may use minimizations, but all
submitted documents should be nomalized.

The reason: People often complain that they have to press too many keys
to write SGML documents.  They are astonished once I start to talk about
SGML features.

Personally, I don't refuse all this overhead (long names, star/end tag,
quoted attributes, etc.) -- I'm an Emacs user and therefor I have no
problems to write normalized SGML code.  But I do accept that vi users
don't want to abandon their editor.  Does one know vi macros for DocBook

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