DocBook Tools (for SuSE and others)

I released:

A script to process DocBook documents.  Based on Mark Galassi's package,
some parts redesigned.

. `configure' now tries to detect the Norman Walsh's Style Sheets
installed by the Cygnus package.  Please, send feedback, if more checks
are needed (CATALOGs?, Debian?).

 Official GNOME customization script added; to use this script, say

    db2html --style /usr/share/sgml/docbook-tools/gdp-both.dsl doc.sgml

. Start to support db2xml.

RPMs for SuSE Linux (should work on other systems, if you'll install the
whole SGML collection from SuSE Linux):

Later this day, I'll add the PNG customization layer to the DocBook DTD

Have a lot of fun...

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