Re: Good News

Ali Abdin <> writes:

> &hellip; and &mdash; do not work. I do not know if they will work at all. We
> can 'special case' them though and do something like:
> if (g_strcasecmp (name, "hellip")
> 	g_print ("...");

Where do you expect the definitions to come from, thin air?

Basically, the definitions have to be somewhere, and it might
as well be a table in your source code - just have a table
in your source code that maps from entity to replacement text.

You can initialize a hash table from the static table to
avoid doing too many strcmps.

BTW - it probably would be a good strategy to pass through 
unrecognized entities - many entities, including &hellip;
are shared between Docbook and HTML.

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