Re: GNOME font selector documentation

> Dear Andrew:
> I am one of the members of the GNOME documentation team, and right now
> I am finishing writing docs for the GNOME font selector utility. Since
> you are the principal author of this utility, I thought you might want
> to take a look at the preliminary version:
> I would like to hear any comments you might have before submitting
> this to CVS. ALso: there is one feature which I didn't document
> because I don't understand it myself: what are stars (*) marking some
> of the point sizes in the main window?

The '*' is used to show which font sizes are bitmap fonts. Those without
the '*' are scaled fonts. The bitmapped fonts may look a bit better on screen,
especially the smaller sizes, since they are usually hand-crafted.

Damon (author of GtkFontSelection)

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