Re: Parsing groff output for manpages instead.

Rupert Swarbrick <rswarbrick gmail com>
> Hi,
> I've spent a few hours staring at the bug
> and thought I could
> hack together something based on the groff intermediate format.
> And I've attached the resulting patch. Also, I've attached the new
> version of yelp-man-parser.c, since the changes are massive enough to
> make the diff pretty unhelpful.

Just for laughs, I had a look at the list of bugs in the 'Man pages'
section for Yelp.

I *think* this patch fixes the following (report years in brackets)

347094 (2006)
349677 (2007)
497559 (2007)
513247 (2008)
554138 (2008)
566519 (2009)
575457 (2009)
588164 (2009)
602334 (2009)
636276 (2010)

It may well fix 71027 (from 2002) and 505644 (from 2007) as well, but I
don't have the relevant manual pages to check.

And of course, there's bug # 477788, which is the one that started me
working on this patch. I suppose one would have to ask Colin Watson if
it fixed that.

It breaks some pages that used to half-work, because it's got a
hardcoded notion of what the top of a man page should look like: that's
my next priority for fixing!

Also it completely fails on Russian or Japanese manpages. I haven't
worked out why, but I suspect it has something to do with the bug on the
previous paragraph.

Anyway, at the most conservative estimate, that's still 10/23 bugs filed
in the product, dating back to at least 2006, so it's not a bad start!


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